Free medical certificate samples are given here on this page for you. If you are working in a hospital, medical facility, or at a doctor’s private clinic, you might have to provide the patients with medical certificates that will indicate the health conditions of a particular patient. When you present a medical certificate to a patient, it authenticates the fact that your establishment has provided a patient with proper medical treatment. Some medical certificate samples are available in Microsoft Word format while others are available in PDF format so don’t forget to check out these free samples given here for you.

Customizable Medical Certificate Samples are Given Below

University Medical Certificate Sample

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Hospital Medical Certificate Word Template

File Size: 01 MB

Blank Medical Certificate Template

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Fillable Medical Certificate Sample MS WORD

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Official Medical Certificate Word Template

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Special Medical Certificate Sample Doc

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What is a Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate is a simple document that includes details of a patient like his name, age, gender, type of disease or illness, and type of diagnosis or medical facilities he got. If you have a medical certificate, it means you have got proper medical attention and treatment from a licensed medical practitioner.

Hospitals and medical facilities always use medical certificates because if it is not issued to a patient, the hospital management might have to face legal consequences. So, to avoid any such thing from happening, medical facilities issue such certificates. Keep in mind that if you are in a position of managing a hospital or medical facility, it is your responsibility to make sure that every person gets a proper medical certificate at the time of discharge.

If you are confused regarding what information a medical certificate should contain, then keep in mind that your medical certificate should include:

  • Full legal name of the medical practitioner who treated the patient and issued the certificate.
  • Contact details of the medical practitioner like phone number, street address, email, etc.
  • License number of the medical professional.
  • Name, age, and gender of the patient who got the treatment in your medical facility.
  • A brief description of the patient’s illness, disease, or medical condition
  • A brief description of the medical treatment provided or suggested for the patient.
  • Mention a timeframe in which the patient is expected to recover from his medical condition.
  • Don’t forget to mention any restrictions or limitations on the patient due to his illness or medical condition.

Printable Medical Certificate Samples are Given Below

Medical Screening and Fitness Certificate Sample

File Size: 121 KB

Basic Medical Certificate Template for Good Health

File Size: 258 KB

Official Medical Certificate Sample for Leave

File Size: 128 KB

Free Printable Medical Certificate Format Template

File Size: 61 KB

Professional Medical Certificate Template

File Size: 23 KB

Latest Medical Certificate Form PDF Sample

File Size: 204 KB

Medical Insurance Assessment Certificate Template

File Size: 327 KB

Company’s Medical Certificate Sample

File Size: 201 KB

Medical Certificate Sample for Maternity Benefit

File Size: 58 KB

Standard Medical Certificate PDF Template

File Size: 61 KB

Why Medical Certificates are Required?

If you are a part of the management of a medical facility, you must know how medical certificates are required and issued on daily basis. Some medical facilities also practice issuing fake medical certificates in the case of which such medical facilities and the medical professional might have to face serious legal consequences.

Medical certificates can be required in a lot of situations and for a number of genuine reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Sick Leave: If you face a serious illness and you need to take rest from your work or study, you will be required to provide a medical certificate to the authorities of your organization. A duly signed and stamped medical certificate will testify to the fact that you are actually facing a serious medical issue.
  • Travel: When you are traveling, the respective airline or the country to which you are traveling might require a medical certificate from you to make sure that you are completely fit to travel and that you don’t have any medical condition that may affect your traveling ability.
  • Employment: When you apply for a job, your employer or potential employer may require from you a variety of documents and one such document is a medical certificate. Employers require a medical certificate to make sure that the applicant has no serious medical condition and is physically and mentally fit to take on his responsibilities as an employee.
  • Health Insurance Claims: Health insurance companies may also require medical certificates from their customers to verify whether a person is actually facing a medical condition or not. With the help of a medical certificate, insurance companies check the legitimacy of an insurance claim.

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