Get access to an amazingly useful collection of some free activity report templates that we have provided for you right here on this page. Using these activity report samples will help you draft a seamless activity report for your personal or professional needs. All these activity report templates are free to download and once downloaded, you can use them as you want. A variety of activity reports are available on the internet but you have to search for them which can be quite a time-wasting task. So, that’s why, we have added some handy activity report templates for you that will make things a lot easier for you.

An activity report can be created to observe the performance or activities of anything, for example, it can be created to observe the activities of employees or it can also be created for suspicious activities. For whatever reasons it might be created, an activity report helps you a lot in making timely and effective decisions. When your employees or workforce knows that their activities are being tracked, they tend to perform even better thus increasing the overall performance of the organization.

To save time and effort in creating an activity report, you can simply use the free activity report templates and samples that are given here on this page. Our team of experts has gathered these free templates for you after extensive research so that you can easily find a variety of activity report templates in one place. Using these activity report templates will allow you to create professional-looking activity reports for your business or clients.

Moreover, templates are user-friendly and cost-effective as well. Instead of hiring someone to prepare an activity report or to install software or a program for this, you can simply make use of the free activity report templates to create result-oriented specific activity reports. Activity report templates give a more decent and consistent look to your activity reports so go ahead and download any template of your liking by clicking the ‘download’ button adjacent to the preview image of every template.

FREE Activity Report Templates are Given Below

Faculty Activity Report Template

A blank activity report template for a college faculty is given below for your free use. This template is useful in preparing an activity report if you are supervising the activity of the faculty of a college. Get this free template download on your computer by clicking the blue colored ‘Download’ button.

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Real Estate Brokerage Activity Report Template

This free template will help you create a perfect real estate brokerage activity report which shows the activity of a real estate broker in a particular period. Check out this free template by saving it on your PC or any other device you use.

File Size: 189 KB

Personnel Activity Report Sample PDF

This particular activity report sample is a perfect fit when you have to track the activities of your personnel. Such a template will help you effectively manage your key personnel and you can easily monitor their progress using this document. Feel free to check this sample by clicking the download button given below.

File Size: 120 KB

Quarterly Activity Report PDF Template

Activity reports are created based on different periods and this particular template is for a quarterly activity report. With the help of this free template, you will be able to draft a seamless quarterly activity report for your own business or your employer organization.

File Size: 05 KB

Weekly Sales Activity Report Template

Sale is a crucial part of any business and it is important to track the progress of your sales workforce. It can be done using a sales activity report that can be made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can simply set weekly goals for your sales team and then track their performance using a weekly sales activity report just like the one given below.

File Size: 21 KB

Temporary Employee’s Daily Activity Report Template

In your organization, you have some temporary employees as well. They are a part of your organization temporarily but you still have to pay them so you should be taking proper advantage of their productivity. This particular template is for tracking the activities of a temporary employee on a daily basis. Download the template to check out the details of this document.

File Size: 219 KB

Security Agency’s Daily Activity Report Template PDF

This printable daily activity report template is useful for a security agency. You can take inspiration from this template to create a perfect daily activity report for your own security agency. When you use this template or create a new one similar to this, you will be able to effectively manage your workforce while noting down their activities on daily basis.

File Size: 69 KB

Post Event Activity Report Example

If you’re an event manager, then your job is to manage all the different aspects of an event effectively. For this, you have to prepare in advance, and a good manager can use a post-event activity report to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned during the event. Get this template on your PC and take its printout if you want to use it without any modifications.

File Size: 178 KB

Volunteer Activity Report Template

This particular template will help you monitor the performance and activities of a volunteer. A person may have volunteered himself for your organization however, you can’t ignore monitoring his performance just for the fact that he/she had volunteered himself. You can easily track the progress and activities of a volunteer by using the free volunteer activity report given below.

File Size: 300 KB

Employee Activity Report Sample PDF

This detailed activity report sample can be used by the management to record the activities of their employees. You can do so on a daily or weekly basis to analyze the performance of each employee and this will enable you to set realistic goals and objectives for them. Use the given below template to create a professional employee activity report to manage your workforce.

File Size: 07 KB

Monthly Activity Report Template for a Healthcare Facility

This is a monthly activity report template for a healthcare facility that you can use if you are related to this field. A monthly activity report gives you a detailed analysis of the performance of your business which will help you devise effective strategies for the future. Go ahead and download this free monthly activity report template to prepare your very own activity reports.

File Size: 12 KB

Business Activity Report PDF Template

As a businessman, you are required to continuously observe the overall activities of your business. The given below business activity report template can help you create a professional-looking activity report for your business that will help you make critical decisions related to your business. So, don’t forget to miss this template as it will help you draft a perfect activity report for your business.

File Size: 129 KB

Maintenance Activity Report Template

If you have a maintenance service-providing business, this activity report template comes in handy for you because it will help you create a detailed activity report for your maintenance services. On the other hand, you can also use this template if you have hired a maintenance service provider to carry out maintenance and repairs of your personal or business property. Using this template will enable you to carefully observe the maintenance activities consistently.

File Size: 115 KB

Suspicious Activity Report Template

A suspicious activity report can be drafted when you have confirmed suspicious activities within an organization or an establishment. Download this free template to simply print it out without any changes or use it as a guide for creating an error-free suspicious activity report yourself.

File Size: 84 KB

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