A contract agreement letter is simply a letter that outlines the terms and conditions of a legally binding contract between two parties. The letter is written with the intent of putting the contractual agreement between the parties in written form. In this article, you can find some useful contract agreement letter samples in PDF.

Features of a Contract Agreement Letter

A contract agreement letter sample usually includes details like terms and conditions of the contract, rights and responsibilities of the parties, contract timeframe, and any other important details relevant to the contract. Such a letter can also include payment-related details such as the amount of the contract and details pertaining to any penalties or fines, etc.

A contract agreement letter may also include information related to the termination process of the contract. The conditions or situations in which a contract may be terminated can be mentioned in the contract agreement letter. This type of letter can also serve the purpose of evidence in case of any legal proceedings. Check out the free contract agreement letter samples PDF given here on this page.

Download FREE Contract Agreement Letter Samples in PDF

Departmental Contract Agreement Letter Sample

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Organization’s Contract Agreement Letter Sample

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Official Contract Agreement Letter PDF Example

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Employment Contract Agreement Letter Sample

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Job Contract Agreement Extension Letter PDF

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Simple Contract Agreement Letter Format Template

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Example of a Contract Agreement Letter PDF

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Uses of a Contract Agreement Letter

Following is a short list of some of the uses of a contract agreement letter:

  • The most typical use of a contract agreement letter is in business transactions to define the terms of sale, purchase, or any other business arrangement.
  • Property owners can also use contract agreement letters to define the terms and conditions of a rental agreement to the tenants.
  • Employers can also use contract agreement letters to outline the terms of employment to the new hires such as benefits, compensations, job responsibilities, etc.
  • Contract agreement letters are also used in the case of joint ventures or partnerships. Apart from a partnership agreement, one partner may separately define the terms and conditions of the partnership for the other partner for his/her agreement via writing a contract agreement letter.
  • Service providers may also use contract agreement letters to define the scope of their services to their clients.
  • Such a letter can also be written where the agreement involves the use of intellectual property such as a license, trademark, patent, etc.
  • A contract agreement letter can also be written in the case of construction contracts. One party may write the letter to verify the fact that the other party also agrees to the terms and conditions of the construction contract such as the scope of work, payment terms, completion date, etc.

How to Write a Contract Agreement Letter?

Writing a contract agreement letter might sound like a difficult and complex task. However, if you follow some very basic tips, you will be able to draft a perfect contract agreement letter with ease. Here are some basic guidelines for writing a proper contract agreement letter:

  • Parties to the Contract: First thing first, your contract agreement letter should clearly identify the parties to the contract and their contractual relationship with each other for the contract under the subject.
  • Terms and Conditions: Write down the terms and conditions in a clear and concise way. You should write the terms and conditions in simple and easily understandable language. The terms and conditions typically include the rights and responsibilities of each party to the contract, the contract’s duration, and any specific condition(s) that should be met for the contract to remain in effect.
  • Payment Details: Write down the details related to the payment of the agreement such as the total amount of payment, mode of payment, due date, etc. Also, make sure to include the details of any penalties for late payment or breach of contract.
  • Termination Clauses: Define with clarity the process of termination and any actions that will cause the termination of the contract automatically. Also, don’t forget to mention the consequences of the termination.
  • Jurisdictions: In your contract agreement letter, highlight the legal jurisdiction of the contract i.e., which state’s laws will be applicable to the contract and where the legal disputes related to the contract will be resolved. If the contract agreement letter is written after the original contract or agreement is drafted, make sure that the legal jurisdiction is the same in both the contract and the letter.
  • Review: Carefully review the letter to make sure that all the necessary details are included in it. You can always consult a professional if you have any doubts related to the legality of the letter or of any information or detail that should be included in it.
  • Copy: Always retain a copy of the original contract agreement letter as it is a legally enforceable document and can be used in future in the case of any legal proceedings.

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