Research statements are typically used when writing a thesis for a particular study or topic. You would be required to communicate your research plan in writing and for this, a research statement is a document that you should draft. In this article, some free research statement samples are provided here for you. Moreover, some useful tips for writing a research statement are also given here on this page.

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Nursing Research Position Statement Sample

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Statement of Research Interest Sample

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Academic Research Statement Sample PDF

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Faculty of Arts Research Statement Template PDF

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Psychology Research Statement Sample

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Fillable Research Statement Form PDF Sample

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Sample Business Management Statement of Research Interests

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What is a Research Statement?

A research statement is a document written by a researcher to indicate his/her interests, accomplishments, and an action plan for future research. As a researcher, whenever you plan to conduct research on a particular topic or study, you will have to write a research statement. Some people often confuse the research statement with the research framework, research outline, or thesis introduction document, but it is actually different from all these documents.

A research statement sample typically includes information like the researcher’s background, education, work experience, and a detailed summary of their current and past research projects. The statement also includes an introduction section in which the researcher explains his/her interests and his/her relation to the field of study.

The researcher should also explain the impact of his/her work on the respective field. In a nutshell, a research statement is used to communicate the researcher’s intentions and interests to the target audience in a properly documented form. Make sure to check the free research statement samples given here in this article for a better and clear understanding of the document.

More Research Statement Examples

Quantum Computing Research Statement PDF Example

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Blockchain Research Statement PDF Sample

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Graduate Research Statement Outline Sample

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Standard Research Statement Template

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Detailed Graduate Research Statement Example

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Professional Research Statement Template PDF

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Job Application Research Statement Sample

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How to Write a Perfect Research Statement?

Using the research statement samples and templates available here on this page can save a lot of time and effort. Research statement examples of different fields of study are provided here that you can check out and use easily. Writing a research statement can be a challenging task for anyone who does not know how to write an effective research statement. However, if you follow the given below steps, you can easily write a perfect research statement for your thesis or for any other purpose:

1- Introduction:

Start writing your research paper sample by providing a brief and to-the-point introduction. In the introduction section, you should enlist your research interest and how such interests are relevant to your particular area of expertise.

2- Achievements:

After the introduction, you should discuss your achievements and accomplishments which include any awards or grants that you have received to indicate or support your expertise in the field. You should also write down the impacts of your past works on the overall field of study.

3- Qualifications:

To indicate your expertise in a particular field of study, you should mention your qualifications. This will include your educational background, technical skills, work experience, and any other relevant professional experience. In this section, you should only focus on mentioning your qualifications in a concise way and avoid including any unnecessary details or explanations.

4- Discuss the Recent Research:

It is good to mention your recent research experience in the research statement sample. This will help your target audience to clearly evaluate your expertise in the relevant field. So, make sure to discuss the details of your recent research in a clear and concise way. These details will include:

  • the question or questions addressed through the research.
  • techniques or methods that were used throughout the research process.
  • results or outcomes of the research.
  • practical impacts of the research on the field.
  • how the findings of the research contributed to the broader field.

5- Future Research Plans:

Briefly explain your research action plan for the future including the questions you plan to address through your research, research goals or targets, techniques or methods that you plan to use for conducting the research, the expected results or outcomes, and potential impacts that your research will have on the field.

6- Audience:

While writing the research statement, it is always important to consider your target audience. You should organize and format your research statement sample by keeping in mind your target audience and using language that they can easily understand. Only then the actual purpose of the research statement will be accomplished.

7- Review:

Last but not the least, make sure to carefully review your research statement to check it is well-organized and appropriately formatted. Before finalizing, you should always make sure that your research statement sample is free from errors, mistakes, and omissions, and is accurate. Ensure that your research statement clearly communicates the purpose and targets of your research. One way of doing this is to ask some experts to read your statement of research and provide their feedback. This will help you make the necessary changes to your document on time before finalizing it.

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