The ownership of some things like property, vehicle, business, etc. requires you to show evidence that you owe these things. For this purpose, you can present an affidavit of ownership to anyone who raises questions regarding your right of ownership. An affidavit of ownership is a sworn statement that a person signs before a notary public or anyone having equal authority to indicate his/her ownership of a property, vehicle, business, or any other thing. This is an important legal document that anyone having any kind of property should know about so that’s why, we have presented some free affidavit of ownership templates for you right here on this page.

Our variety of ownership affidavit templates will help you in understanding and draft an error-free official affidavit of ownership. From very basic to advanced level official affidavits, free samples are given here on this page for your use. Using such pre-formatted affidavit templates will allow you to create your very own affidavit samples without wasting a lot of your time and effort.

With the help of these templates, you can save your time and budget too because if you hire someone to design and create a fillable affidavit of ownership form, you will have to pay them. On the other hand, you can use the pre-formatted affidavit of ownership templates free of cost as and when you like.

Instead of using the exact design, layout, and content of the ready-made template, you can also show some creativity and use these templates as a guide for drafting your affidavit of ownership templates. These templates can give you a good kick-off when drafting a perfect affidavit of ownership. So, scroll down to check out and get these best affidavit of ownership templates for free.

Get FREE Affidavit of Ownership Templates Here

Simple Affidavit of Ownership Template

This is an example of a simple affidavit of ownership with a simple layout and format. Use this type of affidavit to get a quick and seamless affidavit of ownership sample within no time. This template includes details like the name of the state and county or city in which the affidavit is actually drafted, the title of the affidavit, an undertaking or a statement, the signature of the owner, the date on which the affidavit is drafted, name of the notary public or his representative, etc.

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Standard Affidavit of Ownership Template

A standard affidavit of ownership form, this type of fillable template is mostly used as legal affidavits. Authorities and legal departments often use this type of affidavit form in which detailed information about the owner, as well as the property, is included. Blank fields are added in the affidavit so that the owner only fills out the necessary information and he/she does not have to write anything else. You can create your own affidavit of ownership by following this template or you can take a printout of the same.

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Basic Format of an Affidavit of Ownership in PDF

This PDF sample is a very basic format for an affidavit of ownership. All the information is pre-written and you just have to give details of the owner and the property he/she owns. Then mention the date on which you are filling out this affidavit and the owner or affiant shall sign the affidavit in his/her own name. It is important to remember that the different states of a country may prefer using different types of ownership affidavits. When drafting a simple one, this affidavit of ownership can be a perfect choice for you. Go ahead and download this free template to use it for your own purposes.

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Affidavit of Ownership Template for Vessel Ownership

This one is a distinctive affidavit of ownership that is used for proving the ownership of a vessel. If you own a vessel, then you can use this type of affidavit of ownership form in which you have to provide your details as well as the details of the vessel. Vessel owners should definitely take a look at this affidavit of ownrehip template.

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Best Affidavit of Ownership & Loss Template with Undertaking

When you own something, you are responsible for its profit and loss, which you can also specify in the affidavit of ownership. So, when you plan to specify this in particular in your affidavit of ownership, you can use this free template for that purpose. This particular ownership of the affidavit includes a brief undertaking that makes it more unique and self-explanatory. The content of this type of affidavit is already written so that users only have to provide essential information in the blank fields of the affidavit. Check out this template by downloading and saving it to your computer.

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Simple Affidavit of Ownership Template

Every state and every county or city within a state can have its very own affidavit of ownership templates. Furthermore, affidavits of ownership can have different structures and layouts for different things. In this particular affidavit of ownership, you can include a brief undertaking of the owner of the property while leaving blank spaces for the owner to fill in with the required details. Our experts have collected a great collection of affidavit of ownership samples of different types and formats.

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Affidavit of Property Ownership PDF Template

This type of affidavit is used to indicate ownership of property. In this type of format, you have to write your name and the full address of the property that you own along with an undertaking regarding the ownership of the property that is already included in the template. Simply, affix your signatures at the end to make this affidavit effective. Click the download button given below to save the template on your PC. Using this type of template saves a lot of your time and effort as it is quite an easy one to draft.

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Official Affidavit of Ownership of Antique Vehicles Template

If you are someone who deals in antique vehicles or is merely a collector of antique vehicles, you will be required to provide the relevant authorities with an affidavit of ownership of antique vehicles. The affidavit will be required to verify the fact that you are the true legal owner of the mentioned antique vehicles. You have to provide your details and the details of the antique vehicle(s) you owe to fill out the affidavit of ownership. Get this form by clicking the given below ‘download’ button.

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Affidavit of Vehicle Ownership Template PDF

Get inspiration from this simple affidavit of vehicle ownership template to draft your own affidavit of ownership form within minutes. This template is used to prove your ownership of a vehicle and by signing it before a public notary, you verify your ownership of the vehicle. The owner has to provide his/her personal information as well as any necessary information related to the vehicle that he/she owes. Get this free sample to understand the affidavit of vehicle ownership form in detail.

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Affidavit of Ownership by Repossession Template

There are possibilities that you may repossess a property or any other thing and for that purpose, you will have to file an affidavit of ownership by repossession. The fact that the ownership rights are transferred to a person by repossession should be mentioned in the affidavit because only then such a repossession will be considered legal. Check out the free affidavit of ownership template that we have added for you below. Just download this template and you will be able to learn about the nature and contents of an affidavit of ownership by the repossession in detail.

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Affidavit of Trailer Ownership Sample PDF

Get this free affidavit of trailer ownership pdf sample to learn that if you have a trailer, then how to file an affidavit of ownership for it. In addition to your personal details, you have to provide the details of your trailer too such as its number, the year in which it was manufactured, its dimensions, color, capacity, purchase price, the name of the seller, and any other details. In the end, you have to sign such an affidavit to verify your ownership of the trailer.

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Affidavit of Business Ownership Template

As the name suggests, the given document is an affidavit of business ownership; which means you own 51% or more of the shares of the business along which you automatically get the right of ownership. You have to provide your details and information about the business and don’t forget to mention the name of the state in which such an affidavit is being created and signed. Use this free affidavit of ownership template to create yours or to understand what an affidavit of business ownership is and how to create one.

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