Medical practitioners and professionals extensively use SOAP notes to record details of a patient’s illness, disease, symptoms, their assessment of the patient’s problems, and their plan of treatment for the patient. However, in this article, we will only discuss SOAP notes related to psychiatric patients and for this purpose, we have also added some free psychiatric SOAP note samples for you. These free samples will help you understand what this document looks like and what information it includes.

SOAP stands for ‘Subjective’, ‘Objective’, ‘Assessment’, and ‘Plan’. It is a technique that was introduced by a doctor named, Dr. Lawrence Weed in the 1960s to analyze the health condition of a patient in a better way so that he/she is provided with the best healthcare facilities and treatment. SOAP notes are extensively used by doctors and nurses in every field of medical sciences including psychiatry. In a psychiatry SOAP note, the patient’s mental health is observed using these four aspects and then a treatment is planned. This treatment might include psychiatric’s multiple sessions with the patient or prescribed medication or both.

Why Use a Psychiatric SOAP Note Sample?

In this article, we have given some free psychiatric SOAP note samples for you which are available in Microsoft Word format. When you have these free editable samples, you can easily customize them as per your requirements. Using these pre-formatted samples will save a lot of your time and effort and will help you in writing the perfect psychiatric SOAP notes for your patients. A comprehensive SOAP note will make you able to provide the best medical services to your patients. Using psychiatric SOAP note samples is the best and most cost-effective method for drafting such notes.

Our experts have thoroughly searched the internet to provide you with the best quality and free-to-edit psychiatric SOAP note templates. In the presence of these free templates that are available on this page, you don’t need to search the internet anymore thus our efforts and hard work can prove to be very time-saving for you. You can also use these templates as a guide for writing such notes. These templates come in handy especially when you have no idea about the structure and format of a psychiatry SOAP note. So, go ahead, and chose any of the suitable psychiatry SOAP note sample of your choice, download it, customize it (only if you want), and you are free to use it as you like.

Download the FREE Psychiatric SOAP Note Samples in MS WORD

Blank Psychiatric SOAP Note Template

Given below is a very simple blank psychiatric SOAP note template in which you can record the patient’s information in separate columns just like shown in the preview image. This type of simple psychiatric SOAP note template can easily be used when you are a beginner and don’t know where to start writing the SOAP notes. This way, you can collect all the key information and details related to a patient’s condition in order to provide them with better psychiatric treatment.

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Initial Psychiatric SOAP Note Template Word

This one is a detailed psychiatric SOAP note template that can be used for the first session with a patient suffering from mental health problems. In front of each segment of the SOAP note, you can write your observations, and this way, you will remember your initial observations of the patient’s disease or symptoms. Go ahead and click the ‘Download’ button to make this psychiatric SOAP note word template yours.

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Best Psychiatric SOAP Notes Example

This type of psychiatric SOAP note will help you write a descriptive SOAP note for your patient in which you have to explain every segment separately. Our experts have created this handy psychiatric SOAP note template for you which is available in Microsoft Word. It means you can easily download the template to edit its contents and use it as per your requirements.

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Psychiatric Follow-Up SOAP Note Sample

When a psychiatry patient returns to you after the first session, you have to write the follow-up SOAP note. Usually, the second session is held after one week however, it can be scheduled sooner or later than that as per the instructions of the psychiatrist. Follow up SOAP note is written to analyze the effect of initial treatment on the patient and with the help of this SOAP note, doctors analyze the current situation of the patient and create plans for their future treatment. Get this free psychiatry follow-up SOAP note and edit it to write your own follow-up SOAP note.

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Psychiatric SOAP Note Sample for a Psychiatry Student

Being a student of psychology and psychiatry, you can use this very simple SOAP note to get yourself aware of the contents and format of a practical SOAP note. Teachers can also use this template as an example to teach their students about a psychiatric SOAP note in detail. If you are a psychiatry teacher or a student, this template can be quite useful for you so make sure to save it on your PC or any other device that has a word processing software like Microsoft Word.

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Doctor’s Psychiatric SOAP Note Doc Sample

This one is a perfect format for a psychiatric SOAP note from a professional psychiatry doctor. Medical practitioners and professionals can use this sample to make official SOAP notes for their patients who are exposed to psychiatric diseases. Similar SOAP note formats are used in clinics and hospitals to record exclusive details of a patient’s problems and then such notes become part of the patient’s medical records. You can easily download this free psychiatric SOAP note sample and change its color, structure, content, font type, and size to your liking.

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Detailed SOAP Note Template for Psychiatry

This one is a detailed SOAP note for psychiatry which is used for an in-depth examination of the psychiatric patient’s health. Healthcare service providers often use this type of detailed SOAP note format to critically observe a patient’s mental health. Our experts have searched and included this special psychiatric SOAP note template for you so you don’t have to waste your time searching for it on the web.

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Standard Psychiatric SOAP Note Sample

The psychiatrist evaluates a patient’s mental health with what he/she tells him and by making observations. When the psychiatrist notes down these two things, then he/she is able to assess the patient’s condition and then plan for treatment accordingly. SOAP notes help a medical practitioner to keep a record of every one of his/her patients and it reminds him/her that what he/she observed in the case of a particular patient and the treatment that he/she has planned for that patient. Download this standard psychiatric SOAP note sample and use it for free with or without modifications.

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