Issues and problems are caused in every type of institute or organization. The most important thing is to identify such problems and try to resolve them by taking appropriate actions. In organizations, such problems are identified and presented through problem statements. In this article, we will discuss some important details related to the problem statements. Moreover, we have some practical problem statement templates available here on this page for your use.

What is a Problem Statement?

A problem statement or a statement of the problem is a document that includes a brief overview of the current problems or issues being faced by the organization. The problems or issues are identified and explained clearly and concisely thus enabling the relevant individuals to take necessary steps for resolving those issues.

A problem statement is an official document that can be prepared for a single unit or the organization as a whole. For example, a problem statement can be prepared for a single department or the current issues of the whole organization. Such a statement highlights and provide the context of the problem or problems. With the help of the problem statement, the management of the organization starts devising solutions with the resources available to them.

FREE Editable Problem Statement Templates are Here

Research Problem Statement Word Template

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Elegant Problem Statement Worksheet Template

File Size: 161 KB

Project Memorandum Problem Statement Template Word

File Size: 19 KB

Detailed Payroll System Problem Statement Sample

File Size: 15 KB

Short Term Project Problem Statement Template

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Supply Chain Problem Statement Template MS WORD

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Importance of a Problem Statement

A problem statement is an important document in an organizational setting. In project management, it is a vital document that helps to align resources towards a common goal or objective. A problem statement is important for several reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • A well-written problem statement helps everyone to get aware of the current problem being faced by the organization or department.
  • Since the problem statement defines the problem in a detailed way, it helps the concerned persons to stay focused on that problem. This way, they can come up with better solutions to such problems.
  • In project management, a problem statement plays an important role in defining the project’s targets and objectives, thus setting the direction of the project.
  • A well-crafted problem statement promotes effective internal communication within the organization.
  • A problem statement is helpful in making effective and timely decisions. It sets the basis for making effective decisions related to the project such as decisions related to the budget or resources.

Check the free problem statement templates given here on this page.

More Problem Statement DOC Templates

Official Problem Statement Outline Template

File Size: 13 KB

Project Problem Statement Example Word

File Size: 12 KB

Professional Problem Statement Template

File Size: 34 KB

Manager’s Problem Statement Document Template

File Size: 49 KB

Standard Problem Statement Word Template

File Size: 37 KB

Science Problem Statement Guide Template

File Size: 12 KB

How to Write an Effective Problem Statement?

For writing a problem statement, you can always use pre-formatted problem statement templates like the ones that are given here on this page. However, if you want to know how to write an effective problem statement, all by yourself, then you should keep in mind the following steps to write one:

  • Step 1: First thing first, detect and identify the current problem or issue. You should be able to identify and define the problem with clarity.
  • Step 2: Collect all the data or information relevant to the problem that you are trying to address. You can do so by using different means such as interviews, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Also, analyze the data and statistics, and seek feedback from stakeholders to gather as much information as possible.
  • Step 3: Explain the scope of the problem in your problem statement sample. Indicate who is affected by the problem and what damage it has caused.
  • Step 4: Explain the impacts of the problem by clearly stating the consequences that the organization might have to face if the problem remains unsolved.
  • Step 5: Based on the data and information collected, define the objectives or targets that you want to achieve by resolving the current issue.
  • Step 6: Devise appropriate solutions to resolve the problem at hand. Make sure to keep in mind that such solutions are practical and the problem can be resolved within the available resources.
  • Step 7: Write the actual problem statement that summarizes the problem, its impacts, and objectives. Make sure to write it in clear and concise language so that the problem at hand can easily be understood by the concerned individuals.
  • Step 8: Before finalizing the problem statement, ensure reviewing it for any errors or mistakes.

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